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At Tyrone Griffiths Funeral Services, we understand that it can be difficult to discuss your funeral wishes with your loved ones. The details of how you would like your funeral to be conducted and what you would like to be done with your remains after your passing can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation for many. As such it is often not given consideration, and this can lead to the unfortunate reality of your loved ones having to make difficult decisions at a very challenging time.


With this in mind, we have chosen to offer a free, no-obligation service to help combat this. We will visit you in the comfort of your own home where we will sit and discuss what you would like for your funeral, including:


  • Burial or cremation;

  • Where you would like to be buried or have your ashes scattered;

  • Tone or theme of your funeral;

  • Favourite songs or readings;

  • Whether you would like flowers or donations to be made at your funeral;

And anything else you desire to make your funeral preparations as clear and simple for your loved ones as possible.



Completely Free

No Obligation

Your Funeral Wishes Document delivered within 5 working days

Call for full details or to book an appointment

*Please Note - No written price can be given at the time of arranging wishes as funeral director’s prices vary

Funeral Wishes

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